Thursday, November 20, 2008


Promise to start posting again soon!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I just want to know everyone's thoughts on our new president!!!!! Leave a comment :)
Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Sorry lovelies...I'm back from outerspace! The hard parts are over and just smooth sailing from here on out for my migration back to NYC. Miami was fun and full of accomplishments, but nothing replaces my true love- Manhattan! So take down your missing person reports since I have good news. I will be moving to wordpress tomorrow. Blogger is too limiting as you all know, and full of bugs that come with no support. Owning your own domain is the best way to go and I want to be reliable to my daily readers. If there are any objections please speak your peace now. The address is because all of you have helped me establish that lola + lola is the final chosen name for my fashion brand. And quite frankly, I cannot fool those searching for Becoming Jane dvds any longer hahaha. So update your linkage and blogrolls if you don't mind.


ps- I wont be deleting this blog, although you will find ALL archived posts on the new blog as well

Today's Dose of Fashion TV

Sunday, October 19, 2008


So I can vote...I can drink....I can shop till the break of dawn (well, that was always). Tomorrow, I am finally 21 yeards old. How on Earth did I live such a full life without even being able to enter a nighclub haha. Well, thank God for my health and family, and of course my lovely blogger friends. Any words of wisdom from those older and wiser?

I hope we can celebrate together virtually!!

Friday, October 17, 2008


Sorry lovelies, the scanner is not my friend today and so what I hoped would be a ravishing sketch reveal looks rather drab and scary. But can't say I didn't try! Anywho, here is a short glimpse into my upcoming debut collection. I promise, it will look a million times more delicious in person via the lookbook photo shoot coming up soon! I of course have to cut and sew everything first haha...

p.s.- do not ask me why I am not asleep yet...what a crazy week eh!?

Note: click to enlarge images, they are much more clear enlarged!
Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Spring Cleaning....Part Deux

Ok so the final step has finally come. THE MAGAZINE COLLECTION. Omfg if you only knew how much it would cost to ship all my magazines haha. Since the last 5 apartments in the last couple years, THE COLLECTION has been with me through thick and thin. But now its time to bid adieu. So I am offering them to anyone who wants them. Please help them find a home. A recycling bin will just make me cry. I HAVE EVERY MAGAZINE SINCE 2007 in Vogue, Elle, Lucky, Nylon, as well as hard to find internationals like Lula, Muse, Frankie, 10, Wonderland etc. Please tell me what you want and its yours! Serisouly, leave a comment with the title and month/year and I most likely have it. Just pay the the s/h cost and less than half the cover price (US dollars). I want to sell like 5 issues per person, so don't be shy, take as many as you want for the cost of one. Maybe there is an issue you missed out on, or you have it and ripped it to shreds for a scrapbook. It can be yours again! Forget eBay bidding when you have me :)



Woah, you ladies love those mags huh!? So since they are selling like hotcakes, thought it would be helpful to list a fraction of what I have for the international limited editions:

  • LULA #6 (totally sold out, nowhere to be found except on eBay for $200)
  • WONDERLAND April/May 2008
  • MUSE Summer 2008
  • 10 Summer 2008
  • FRANKIE Jan/Feb 2008
  • ABOVE Vol #7
  • MAN ABOUT TOWN Jan 2008
  • MATERIAL GIRL #2, #3 (this is a brand new magazine only 3 issues sold!)
  • METAL #8
  • PLASTIQUE #2 Fall 2007 (sold out, not printing, limited edition!!)
  • INDIE #18 Spring 2008
  • ISSUE ONE Summer 2006
  • SELF SERVICE Spring 2008

Spring Cleaning....



Ok lovelies...time to pack up and ship out (back to NYC..ahh I can smell the Chinese food already), only I have a few heavy things getting in the way.

Is anyone interested in a lovely sewing machine? I know there are tons of fashionistas out there procrastinating on following that dream of making their own clothes. Maybe you want to open a little Etsy shop? Maybe you have one already but need a super power industrial strength one like they have in fashion schools. Well, now is your chance. I just bought this beauty, but the estimate to ship it will leave me bankrupt. So I bought a new one, only to find out I can detach it from the table! Oh we have a great industrial sewing machine for sale, I can part with $200 or less. It is a vintage model, but if you know machines, I dont need to explain the difference. Juki and Pfaff are the two best brands for hardcore sewers, so dont worry about the quality. Please spread the word. I really need this gone by this week! My flight is quickly approaching and I won't dare throw it away :)

PS- I also have these lovely Louis XV style furniture pieces I would love to find a new home for! I unfortunately dont have a Salvation Army in my area, so leave a comment if you see anything you like and I will practically give it to you. I am not here to make tons of money, I just want to get everything out and that means I will sacrifice their real value and sell for pennies on the dollar. So there is a gorgeous white lamp from celeb designer store Details, vintage gold leaf display table that I use to house my international limited edition magazine collection lol and a gold side table with marbleized glass. I will SHIP FREE to the first 5 people who are interested. Lets just say I know the UPS guys very well :)


Black Lucite glass chairs are SOLD!
thanks to the lovely Mia, and happy birthday again!

Black china stand ON HOLD!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Look of the Day

Dress Phillip Lim, Jacket Topshop, Bag Chloe, Shoes Fendi

This outfit really grabbed my attention. I am starting to feel my style is fading, so combinations like this really bring me back to Earth and make me realize I will always be a girly girl at heart. All the leather biker jacket trends in the world won't shake that lol. I am not at the Erin Fetherson extreme, but I do feel a bit of sweetness, a touch of sophistication and a sprinkle of edge is the recipe of choice for me! What recipes make your outfits work!???

Photo credit: The Cherry Blossom Girl


****I am reposting this here because allot of you are asking me who the hell I am lol...anymore questions, feel free to drop a comment!!***

Bonjour! Hola! Welcome!

Glad to see you stumble upon my new blog. I am a gal of many words, but when it comes to using them sometimes I am at a loss, especially with blogging. So you might know me from my previous blogging identities on The L Report, Bombazine Doll and now Dujour Magazine of which I am the creator and editor-in-chief. Yes, yes I know...but what can I say, I don't just dream, I plan. I once learned that dreams and goals are two very different things. If you are baffled, I will explain. Dreams are aspirational whimsies that live on pink clouds where planes can't reach. Goals have deadlines, costs and make you sweat at times from anxiety. Catch my drift? Okay, so we are on the same page. Since I was little I never dreamed for some reason (maybe a birth defect?) I only always made plans and goals, mostly in little notebooks that I collect (quick note: I collect paper, pens, notebooks- they have lots of paper- books, magazines and anything pink like carebears and dresses). So anyway, I have tons of little knick knack patty whacks around the house stored in bins and suitcases (I move allot) that contain all the goals I ever had. Some were to be a famous actor (I got selected to join a prestigious acting program but decided fashion was calling me more) and some were superficial like landing the boy of my dreams (so far all my crushes have been conquered hehe). So yeah, not being cocky, but that annoying piece of advice you always hear is true!

So I like my little motto to be "Just do it!". Yes, yes I know. I swear, Nike and I have been to court several times. I just keep telling them I started that slogan first....oh wait, Nike has been around since when? Ooops

Back to the point. Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy it. I will post my daily musings on my life as a fashion editor and designer. Oh yeah, forgot about that. Ok rewind.....

So I really love acting. I am the most extroverted person you might meet. Most times loud and funny, other times sweet and dramatic. At least I have heard. If you ask me, I am jut being myself and don't really have adjectives to describe it. Maybe- human? So I really wanted to be the next Julia Roberts when I was little, and worked up enough nerve to read tons of books, research like crazy (a habit I have had since birth, more on that later) and discover what monologues were so that I could audition for a coveted spot at Coral Reef High. I found a monologue about a girl who was a slave (I think?) and got the spot! They loved it. It was amazing. The most nerve wracking thing ever in my life I swear...but ya know, I found out about fashion school (that they exist!) and decided to leave acting on the back burner for a while. Plus, how hard can it be to restart a career where all I have to do is be myself. Piece of cake.

Got into fashion school which was also a pain, in the anxiety sort of way. They make you draw on the spot which makes me nervous and my hands sweat. I hate it. Hate art class too, which was 50% of my coursework there. Its just not fun being forced to be creative in 'time slot A 2:00-4:00pm'...maybe it's just me I dunno. So anyway, I was the top of my class as always because I am slightly competitive and also just loved it to death so it made me work hard even when I didn't need to. Then slacking settled in and my teacher thought I was a loser probably so I decided to leave and head for my birth home of NYC to make it big. I really am quite independent and pack up and go whenever I please..I convinced my mom only because my biological dad lives in Queens still and so I stayed with him. I graduated in fashion design and business (not to mention I started off in journalism school) and came back to Miami where I met my bf and started a fashion blog with his encouragement. That led to the reinvigorating of my entrepreneurial spirit and so I started an online store called Indie Coterie, applied for a fashion magazine internship and got it (both times) and started styling. The styling was amazing and turned out so great that I founded my own studio called LookLook in which we produce fashion shoots for advertising, branding, etc. That then led me to starting my magazine (finally) because we had tons of shoots we were pushing to magazines who just wouldn't buy them, so I said, hell! I will start my own then dammit! And I did. Just like Lula, Nylon or Self-Service, I do most the styling and photography with my studio, edit the whole magazine, design it, blah blah..nothing new. We all know NEET, Amelia's, there are tons of inspirational gals that came before me that I look up to for encouragement. Like I always say, 'Just Do It!' (ok well me and Nike always say).

me and the boy toy..don't laugh :)
Thursday, October 9, 2008


So we have been discussing branding allot here so its only fitting.....
Take 1 (of what I know will be revised and redesigned to death). So what do we think? Designed by your truly and executed by the lovely boyfriend, I welcome the logo for soon-to-be label, LUSH. If anyone can guess what is the hidden name behind the brand, you will win a free dress complimentary of LUSH. Just drop me notes in you know where :)


As suggested by the comment left below by the lovely Danz. Thanks girly!
Can you spot the difference?

So supposedly I forgot that LUSH is famously known as that soap brand with the lovely (sometimes garish?) signature green wrapping. Being a New Yorker I don't know how I let that slip my mind....egh! So annoying. So anyway...weeks later I have decided on a new name. I made a simple logo for the clothing labels, and I will reveal the design logo later. Please let me know what you guys think...after all my clothes will be only for the fashionable and fabulous like my readers :)
****FINAL UPDATE #2*****

Thanks guys for the lovely comments! I got a great idea as suggested by Katlin, and so here it is! With the border and everything, just like Jo likes :) What ya think!?

Tagging Trumps B-days Anytime!

So shall I first celebrate my upcoming birthday of an age that most people fly halfway across the world to celebrate and I will be spending bored at home with no party or gifts (ahem, 21..cough cough) or shall I commemorate this great day of being tagged by the beautiful and ever inspiring Fiona (gosh even her name sounds sweeter than mine)? I mean 2 years and no one ever thought me cool enough to tag! I think tagging trumps the b-day my dears!

So here goes it, those little 6 random facts you don't care about but will be pleasantly surprised to know anyway haha:
  1. I've owned around 5 or 7 businesses so far that have all turned profit, appreciated amounts of press, been either fashion or food related (selling brownies at school counts right!?); all before I am old enough to drink.
  2. My baby brother whose birthday is before mine (tomorrow actually...and mine is October 20 making me a Libra) is adopted, and no one could ever tell the way I love him to death! (Take that Brangelina!)
  3. I am not emancipated per se, but I have been on my own since 15 years old when my mother decided her midlife dating crisis was more important than my young adult life. I skipped out from one school in FL to another in NYC and have been living alone ever since.
  4. I am the first ever American bred human in my family's history. We are of Jamaican descent...and I have a quarter Chinese which is very obvious when I eyes go all squinty like the guy who delivers your pork fried rice.
  5. I got kicked out of The Fashion Spot for saying that I like my blog.
  6. I have been having dreams and thoughts of my real purpose on this Earth (when you reach a certain age, grown up thoughts like this hit you like bricks) and so I am laying down some groundwork on a non-profit organization where the fashion industry or maybe just the fashion blog community can give back to society via women's charities. Not like Clothes Off Our Backs or anything cheezy, but a real hard tangible intiative that feed the hungry, clothe the cold and cure the sick. I watched Blow with Johhny Depp the other night and it was so so sad the ending that it made me think of other sad movies where people are lonely or dying and are helpless...the fashion world has so much, and its our duty to give back.

Fiona in all her glory has bestowed upon me (yes I am using royal jargon because her name comes from Shrek) this lovely virtual trophy that you see above and has asked me to list six values that I think are most important, which are:

Patience, Forgiveness, Honesty, Friendship (does this count?), Tenacity, Perseverance and Optimism.

and six negative points that I condemn, which are:

Arrogance, Judgementalness (its not a word, I know), Unreliability, Pessimism, Selfishness and Laziness (mostly with men).

Now I’m required to post the rules for everyone, including my tagees:

  • Link to the person who tagged you.
  • Post the rules (and prize logo) on your blog.
  • Write six random things about yourself/ 6 important values and negative points you condemn.
  • Tag 6-10 people at the end of your post.
  • Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
  • Let the tagger know your entry is up.

Sooooo, I hope the following beauties don’t mind if I tag them, as I’m unapologeticly curious about their little hidden secrets of how they are so freakin fabulous: Jo, Katlin, Karla, Wendy, Beth, Laurel, Julie, Alix and Miss at la Playa.
Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Blog Alert: Closet duJour!

Second launch of the year (right behind Pro Style Bloggers) is my dear baby, Closet duJour! What makes it so special? Well, its the first shop-my-closet inspired blog helmed by a fashion magazine. We are bringing our fashion closet from DUJOUR magazine to life for all you to share, because honestly, I am running out of interns to give these clothes to. I buy/receive tons of samples each year, along with brand new pieces from boutiques or even just random beauties on my shopping excursions that are more for models than me personally (you know that feeling right?) and so we decided to not use my house as storage. Instead, Closet duJour will be your chance to shop from the pages of the magazine, score showroom pieces never before worn (unless you count 99 pound super models) or perhaps snatch up one of your fave brands on the cheap. I was thinking of throwing them all on eBay, but I am a blogger at heart so I thought this would be a much more fun and interactive way of finding these designer pieces a great home. So check it out and shop away!

What do you guys think of some of the stock!?

This beauty is in the summer
issue of DUJOUR. Retail was $590
and on sale for $125

this is a great dress just in
time for holiday! retail was
$790 at Couture Candy and
on sale for $125 at CD

this little number I scored at Zara as part of their collection
and its great for work with a little ruffle top, $65

PS- right now the blog shop is invitation only, but we open officialy 12 am EST!

DUJOUR Reader's Choice Awards: Fave Blogs!

Ok so now down to the nittty gritty. I see what direction the choice of magazine cover is going in, so I want to start the reader's choice award survey here on my blog (be on the lookout, it will pop up on several of the top blogs this week). Below is the survey. Of corse have fun, be honest, and be original. So far I have seen the most cliche answers..omg, some people are boring lol. Is really everyone's fave online mag? Puu-hleaze! How about Milkshake Chocolate or Dazed Digital..or even tiny obscure cool ones like Prim!? Shake it up a bit guys, it will make for interesting reading when your picks make it to the magazine.

1. What’s your favorite fashion blog, the one where you go to for the latest styles and updates on trends and news?

2. What’s your favorite blog to go to for personal fashion inspiration?

3. And of course, which blog is the ultimate fashion “Bible” you go to for everything – style, news, inspiration, etc.?

4. Who’s your favorite Etsy designer?

5. What’s your favorite Myspace band or singer?

6. What’s your fave online magazine both new and old?

7. Which indie brand do you think will be the next “it” brand covered by every fashion magazine?

8. What’s your favorite online shopping site for affordable fashion?

9. What’s your favorite online shopping site to window-shop but you’re too afraid of the neverending hole it might create in your wallet?

  3. Other (please name it!)
10. What’s your favorite eco-friendly beauty product?

11. What’s your favorite eco-friendly designer/brand?

Don't forget to check out this teaser interview with the gorgeous and lovely Danz....just a little snippet of what's to come!

How did you get started blogging about fashion and shopping?
My interest in fashion was sparked through reading various fashion publications and I always enjoyed the ‘Look for Less’ features in magazines such as InStyle and Lucky. However, the clothing they featured was often still above my college student budget so I started looking around for great, affordable alternatives online.

Fashion blogs like Style Bytes, the Vintage Society and The Sartorialist inspired me to want to share my findings with others, so I started off by posting them on to see what kind of response I would get. After getting positive comments on the Fabsugar blog, I decided to set up Fatal Attraction 2 Fashion.

What is your favorite part about blogging?
Well, my two favourite parts about blogging are researching and learning about topics for my posts, and getting to know the wonderful bloggers out there.

What are your favorite shopping resources?
I’m an ardent bargain hunter so some of my favourite shopping resources are garages sales, Ebay and affordable online stores.

What are you obsessing on these days?
At the moment, some of the things on my “Really, really want” list are cocktail rings, asymmetric zip jackets, bow ties, vintage cotton scarves, 40s style hats and headpieces, well tailored blazers, grey boots, cute print dresses and I would love an authentic Chanel or Chanel-style quilted purse with chain strap.

Where do you live and work?
I live in Barbados, which is an island in the Caribbean. I'm currently completing my final year in the Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts - Graphic Design programme at the Barbados Community College.

Favorite designers…
I admire the creativity, talent and skills of many designers out there. Some of my favourites are Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Anna Sui, Burberry Prorsum, Marc Jacobs and Marchesa.

Do you have a favorite item of clothing? What is it?
Right now, my favourite item of clothing is an abstract floral print, 50s style dress that I bought from a garage sale last weekend for $6. (see photo above!)

How do hunt down the trends?
I do plenty of research on various fashion websites, blogs and online stores and pinpoint any recurring themes that I find interesting. I think it’s very important to be selective of the trends you buy into; take the time to find the right items that will make you look and feel fabulous and that reflect your personality.

What's the secret to discovering the latest sales?
I keep a record of all the stores I come across and visit them often to see if they have any sale events going on. If you don’t have the time to do that, another good way is to sign up for the newsletters of your favourite stores as subscribers are the first to be informed of any sales.

What do you look for when shopping?
I look for clothing that:
a) I find stylish and intriguing.
b) I can afford.
c) suits my body type.
d) I feel comfortable and confident in.

Would you mind sharing a random fact about yourself?
Hmm...let's see. Well, I suffer from LTNAA which is short for 'Little to no athletic ability'. Yeah, I pretty much suck at all sports and I came last in almost every race I've ever run. P.E in high school was brutal but I did the best I could.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Vote! DUJOUR Magazine Cover....

cover 1


the next issue of my mag DUJOUR is the Internet Issue!! (with a side special on the LBD, some peolpe like the lovely Kaitlin really need help picking their holiday dresses out lol) Woot, woot! I am so excited. We have tons of great stuff planned. We are doing reader choice award surveys on the top fashion blogs rolling out on Monday, so look out for that. All the best from Etsy all the way to Myspace. So anyway, enough shameless plugging. I want your opinion on the choice of cover. Candidate number one is above (sample text from last issue is used). I love that its dark and mysterious and perfect for the little black dress special. It is a holiday/winter issue, so dark is not bad right? Candidate number two coming up later today!

***UPDATE***cover 2

Photo Credit: Cover 2 styled and shot by me! Cover 1 is Denise Boomkens
Thursday, October 2, 2008

Promoting Your Fashion Collection: Erin Fetherson Fall 2008 Video

Well, Erin is at it again with Zooey taking lead over Kirsten and Ellen still directing. Lost you yet? All I can say is I was bored of the last two, but this one is great! More thematic and keeps your attention. I can't wait to shoot a video for my collection. Any ideas on theme??

Start An Online Fashion Boutique: Part 3

Soooo, since it is my duty to all you Becoming Jane (<---enter your own name lol) readers to let you know just how freakin simple it is to follow your dreams, thought I would continue this online store series with some basics. You've heard my story, read the interviews, and now its time to star in your own movie. Well, like all movies, you too will need a set design. I think we all know the elusive mysteries of actually getting the website together in which to sell your items of choice. From Etsy to Yahoo, there are many programs to choose from. Before I review any of the ones I have had the pleasure and pain of working with, I think you are far more safe using Web Hosting Rating to find overviews and ratings of mostly all the web host providers know to man (or Internet anyway) including of course ecommerce. What's great is that they have a free article section here that covers a number of great start up basics that I myself am to busy (read: lazy) to provide you. So head over there and then jet back for my 411 downlow tomorrow on the latest and greatest initiatives taking place in this 2.0 world we live in that will really put the excitement back into the daunting task of launching an online store.
Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Today's Style Icon: Rachel Roy

QUOTED from Who's That Fashionista

"She is the epitome of fabulous, stylish, and sophisticated. She is a New York based designer of clothing and accessories. She has a Dutch and South Asian background and is wife to Damon Dash of Roca Wear clothing. Her style is unique and calls for attention but is still classy. Her first fashion gig was sales for Wet Seal...back in the day."

I totally agree! Not to mention her new brand is better than some collections I've seen that have been around for decades! Boy, what a breath of fresh air to have such amazing multicultural talent around huh....

And its good to see some fashionable women from all stages of life are fans.....

She's so gorgeous right!? And you can't tell me this dress wouldn't look fab on absolutely everyone!...

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